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About Us

Some guys can clear a room with an almost imperceptible wave of their hand....

They don't say much--don't need to. They are often, but not always, extremely wealthy--but money is not the focus of their lives. Family is priority to them, and the few friends they have are no less than brothers. They understand the wisdom of overlooking an insult, and they do not raise their voices. They are plumbers, analysts, brokers, attorneys, doctors and baggage handlers. All professionals--it doesn't matter, their work ethic and street-wisdom take them to the top of their chosen fields. They don't get visibly angry, but if you cross one--you will know it, and you will need back-up. These are the attitudes and goals of the guys behind Dom Fight gear, and perhaps it is you.

One day Rocky Haire was leaving his Firm, heading to his Porsche in the parking garage, when a paper blew across his path. Only God knows why he left at that moment and the paper was in that precise spot. It was Bryan Griffin’s  Angel Tree application. Angel Tree is a group that sends out Christmas presents to the children of inmates. Rock sent him a letter asking if the application had been granted and if there was anything he could do for him. Anything. For months Bryan ignored the letter, thinking it was more bad news from a lawyer. Had they found his prints on something? Rocky made arrangements for the gifts, just in case, and forgot about it. 

Bryan finally opened the letter and couldn't believe it. He responded immediately and it was Rocky’s turn to be surprised--Bryan said he was fine and didn't ask for anything. Later they would laugh about why Bryan didn't need anything in prison, and when the Statute of Limitations expires, we will tell you why he was the wealthiest guy on the block.

Bryan was released and set out to find Rocky. Since they were both MMA fans and fighters, and both business men, they formed an alliance to promote high end fightgear. The idea was to sell the gear on a global scale so they could generate money to support fighters--and the sport. Rock insisted they create a brand that takes premium to the next level. Lined lightweight gis, hoodies and shirts that you want to wear everyday--that sit on you like a glove and can take a beating or go on a date. Everything had to be of a higher quality than what's out there. If you don't have something new, something better--why join the sea of Tap Out wannabes? 

Our clothing is for people with that rare, room clearing ability. As they are the ones who will recognize DOMGEAR for what it is. They are the same guys who know the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.

In a very real sense, DOM has always been here, as it is more a state of mind than a clothing line. Once we establish a significant presence in the world market, we will roll out our plan to get bullying stopped in the public schools of our Nation—and more importantly,  bring God back into them in the process. 

If Rocky and Bryan don't approve the prototype immediately, the design dies on the table. To carry the DOM name it has to be perfect. You, my friend, will know what we mean when you see and especially when you feel it. Our cotton is the most amazing soft you have ever felt and we are excited to bring it to you. They have already been recognized globally by the likes of ESPN and several other major players for having some of the best gear out there.  The gis are making a splash like nothing that has hit the market to date.  If you have read our story and know you are one of us, come join the DOM NATION. Together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. 

We fear change. We fear it because it means departing the known and coming in hot to the unknown. The irony is without it, companies, rockstars, execs, lawyers--all of us will wither away without it and become irrelevant. You've simply got to re-invent yourself every year or so if you want to stay in the game. Ask Madonna--or Mark Cuban. Britney Spears. Apple. JC Penney. You die without change.

Dom has seen new changes as well. Our latest re-invention comes from the Islands. We were in Maui, pretty much screwing around with our families for New Years. We were walking along Front Street on the Pacific Ocean and loved the surf shops. Not just the basic Hurley type stuff--but all of it. We love the surf lifestyle and we have a thousand surfer dudes from Oahu, Maui, Kuai, Fiji--who roll and love our vibe. A million skaters, too--We are going to mix it up and bring surfing to this company in our unexpected outta the box Dom way. We welcome you-- surfer or not to come wear our new stuff and see that it's the best lifestyle apparel on the market today.

--Fight On